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Vitality Meets Technology
Energy Balancing Products for Pets!

ShuziPet with NVT (Nano Vibration Technology) is a high tech line of products for your pet. Available in fashionable collars and tags, ShuziPet utilizes a powerful new technology that can help reduce stress & anxiety while providing more resistance to help against the negative energies and stressors of modern day living.

Shuzi's technology has been tested and proven by respected veterinarians, doctors & health practitioners… with measurable positive results, as shown below.

Enhanced Blood Cell Integrity

Analysis of blood cells before and after wearing ShuziPet shows enhanced blood cell integrity after 30 minutes of wearing ShuziPet.

Enhanced Circulation

Through the use of Thermal Imaging, Tests have shown enhanced circulation after 30 seconds of wearing ShuziPet.
Benefits Reported by Pet Parents:
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Increases Joint and Muscle Strength
  • Reduces Allergies
  • Improves Overall Health and Well‐Being
  • Provides balanced energy for better temperament

Last night was the first night in the entire time I've had Ollie (almost a year and a half) that I didn't hear her coughing and clearing her throat throughout the night. She was completely quiet. I attribute that to the effect of the collar you sent. Thanks again for being so generous and thoughtful. Your gift has clearly made a huge difference in the quality of her life!

– Kim Reeves, Menlo Park, CA

I think the dog collar really worked....the dog at home was very ill, couldn't walk, just dragged his hind legs for days........ we put the collar on him - and in a couple of days he seemed to fine.....better, in fact, than ever!!

– Linda Hope, Ontario Canada

Meekah is a 9 year old house cat with an overactive thyroid and dysfunctional kidney. At the time of this diagnosis, the Dr. also noted that she had an elevated heart rate. Meekah has been wearing the Shuzi collar for about 2 months and I took her for a follow-up examination on Friday, 16 Sep 2011. The Dr. said that Meekah’s heart rate had settled into normal range and all of her blood work looked good. I told the Dr. that Meekah was wearing a Shuzi collar, Impressed by the results, he was interested in obtaining more information about Shuzi Pet.

– Joseph Cox, Fallbrook, CA

I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't for my daughters little dog Tammy. The kids jumped on the bed and didn't see little Tammy. She spent a week in the vets with a very severe back injury. They gave her anti-inflammatory shots and sent her home with pills. A week at home and she still had difficulty walking. My daughter put the Shuzi Pet tag on the Tammy on Monday night and on Tuesday the she was scampering down the driveway. Dogs can’t lie, I’m sold. I’ve ordered a ring and can’t wait to put it on

– Edie Renkema, Grande Prairie, AB, Canada
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